Cleo and TitiHello world we're Cleo (patra) and (Nefer) Titi - female litter mates.

Types of Dogs: St. Bernard mix with retriever

Mom: Susan

Favourite Toy: Cleo - a "Bear-with-little-brain;" Titi - Cleo !

Activity: Cleo - Tug-of-War; Titi - preventing Cleo from playing Tug-of-War !

Thoughts and Comments:

Can we go now ? Uh, can we go now ?
Are we there yet ? Uh, are there yet ? 
We're here ! Oh Boy, we're here !
No! No! Hot Dogs !
Oh Boy. Hot Dogs. No Quarry !
More, More !
Oh ! Oh ! Run, run.
You can't catch me !
Bet I can !
510924 Hike! Pass! Inercept ! Tackle ! Roll!
OH! OH! Puddles! Puddles!
Splash, splash, splash !
Splash, splash, splash !
Splash, splash, splash !
Oops ! Where's mom ? 
Mom! Mom! Mom! (translation : Hot dogs! Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs !)
Whew, I'm bushed. Me, too. Let's go home. There's the car.
Uh-oh ! To the Quarry ! The Quarry !
Run! Run fast !

We can form a circle, but we can not be a circle - Ursula LeGuin

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