All of you park visitors have been sending a lot of great photos of your adventures at Little Mountain... and we want you to keep them coming!

I would like to offer the following pointers to let your photos appear on the site as quickly as possible, and help you to locate them on the site once they are posted.

  1. If you know how to, please resize your files before e-mailing them to us. Full quality digital camera files are not required, but please do not apply any "special effects" (borders, frames, glow, water color, etc.) to the images.  The typical maximum dimension (height or width) of an image on this website is 400 pixels - images of this size should be well under 100 KB each (JPG format). If possible, please limit the total size of attachments included in a single e-mail message to 1000 KB (1 MB) or less.
  2. Please include a brief description of each image. We will try to publish it as a caption underneath the photo where possible.
  3. Lloyd and I have discussed how to display your submissions. We have decided to hold some images in reserve, and rotate the images included in the various "slideshows" included at the top of some pages every few weeks. Please don't be disappointed if your images are not posted immediately (it takes a bit of time to resize images, upload them to our web server, and insert them into a page layout).
  4. If we begin to receive a larger volume of images than I am able to handle effectively, we will look at another way of receiving them (through a direct upload form on the website, rather than by e-mail) and displaying them (a dedicated "photo album" page of some sort).
  5. Please do not send copies of photos that have been obtained from other web sites. Limit your submissions to photos created by you (or a friend, relative, sibling... you get the idea).  If you see something really unique on another website that our visitors might be interested in, please send us the full website address, and we will consider posting it in our "links" section.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation.


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