As you make your way around the trails and fields in this 47.84 Hectare park, stop and look at the wide variety of plant and animal life that thrives at the park. In a short distance you can go from wide open Prairie, Aspen forest cover to a wetland marsh habitat. Each area hosting it's own unique birds, animals and plant life.



The quarry's themselves have filled with water and are home to painted turtles, nesting Mallard Ducks and in the fall Canada Geese stop before they head south. If you look over head you might see a Bald Eagle or a Red Tailed Hawk circling the fields,



or making their nests, even the Great Grey Owls take the time to watch the goings on from a high tree limb. There are many gophers, squirrels , rabbits and mice that go to make up  their diet.\



Other animals in the forest include Deer, Red Fox, Porcupine, Raccoon and even a Coyote has been seen in and around the park area. Keep your nose at the ready for the smell of a Skunk in the air and be ready to backtrack quickly.

Bird feeder



One of the features of Little Mountain Park are the many bird feeding stations that are located through out the park. The feeders are filled during the winter months. They attract many colourful winter birds such as Chickadees, Woodpeckers and Blue Jays who stay for the long haul.


The forests of Little Mountain are a mixture of Aspen, Manitoba Maple, Dogwood, American Hazelnut, Bur Oak , Cottonwood and Pine. Mixed in are wild Flowers such as the Crocus, Asters, Golden Rod, Avens, Puccoon, Gallardia and wild Roses for added colour. We are also home to several endangered plant species. The Prairie Clover, Lady Slipper and Old Mans Beard make Little Mountain home.  There are also wild Strawberry and Raspberry patches, plum, and Chokecherry but watch out for the Saskatoon pickers come harvest time.





I am making a picture file in our 'Where are They Now' section of all the flora recorded by the City of Winnipeg. Provided will be both proper and common names for the plants. If people are interested, they could make a game out of trying to find all the 206 different plants that our park has to offer! Located just below is just a small sampling of the recorded ecosystem.

A complete list of the plants has been prepared by the City of Winnipeg Naturalist Services:

Public Works Report For Habitat Site;

Habitat Information and Plants Found at the Site:

Grade A/B  Habitat Types  Aspen Forest Prairie Area in Hectares 47.84


In 2009 and 2010, Susan Van D., sent in two samples of our native Wild Hazelnuts to the Arbor day organization at Rutgers University in the Untied States. These were added to their collection for planting. The Hazelnuts were the furthest Northern Accessions that the Organization had. The seedlings were planted with a well developed root system according to Thomas Molnar and Ben Cohoon of the Arbor day organization. The lot number is # 09606. In a few years we will see what progress has happened from the Little Mountain Park seeds. Good on you Susan!



Up-date Apr.15 2013. Here is what our Little Mountain Hazelnut Trees look like.

Species Name                                             Common Name                                  Date Sp. added to List                   Native/Introduced

Acer negundo                                            Manitoba Maple                                     07/01/1987                                        N.

Achillea Millefolium                                       Yarrow                                                07/01/1987                                        N.

Agoseris glauca                                           False Dandelion                                     07/01/1987                                        N.

Agropyron repens                                       Quack-grass, Couch-grass                       09/24/2009                                         I.

Agropyron trachycaulum                               Slender Wheat grass                             06 /10/1998                                       N.

Agropyron trachycaulum var.                         Awned Wheat grass                              06 /10/1998                                       N.


Agrostis Hyemalis                                         Hair Grass, Thickle grass                          07 /01/1987                                       N.

Agrostis spp.                                               Bent Grass                                           06 /10/1998                                       ?

Alisma Gramineum                                        Narrow-leaved Water-plantain                  07/01/1987                                       N.

Allium Stellatum                                           Wild onion, Pink-Flowered Onion              07/01/1987                                        N.

Alopecurus Aequalis                                     Short-awned Foxtail                                07/01/1987                                      N.

Ambrosia Psilostachya                                   Perennial Ragweed                                  07/01/1987                                      N.

Amelanchier Alnifolia                                    Saskatoon                                               07/01/1987                                      N.

Amorpha Nana                                            Dwarf False Indigo, Fragrant False Indigo     07/01/1987                                      N.

Andropogon gerardii                                    Big Bluestem                                           07/01/1987                                      N.

Andropogon scoparius                                  Little Bluestem                                        07/01/1987                                      N.

Anemone canadensis                                   Canada Anemone                                     07/01/1987                                      N.

Anemone cylindrica                                      Long-fruited Anemone                              07/01/1987                                      N.

Anemone multifida                                       Cut-leaved Anemone                                07/01/1987                                      N.

Anemone patens                                         Pasque-flower, Prairie Crocus                     07/01/1987                                       N.

Antennaria neglecta                                     Pussy-toes                                              07/01/1987                                       N.

Antennaria spp.                                           Pussytoes                                               09/24/2009                                       ?

Apocynum androsaemifolium                         Spreading Dogbane                                   07/01/1987                                      N.


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