Hello fellow puppies!!  I'm Buffy (personally I think it's a silly name, but it makes my owner feel good, so we'll go with it) and this is my story.  After being held captive for about a year in rural Manitoba (probably at a Puppy Mill) I managed to make my escape and roamed free....... rabbits to chase, squirrels to tree, deer to run with...... it was doggie heaven.  Alas, the people police finally tracked me down and I entered my second period of captivity.  I now languish with my so called 'owner', Peter.  He's not so bad I guess, feeds me, pets me and best of all.....Takes me every night to Little Mountain Park!!  However I'm going to have to have a little bark with him about the baths and brushings.  I love to run, so if you see me there......CHASE ME!!!  I'm also always up for a treat. (Hint..... my owner ALWAYS keeps the treats in his right side pocket) and I love to socialise.  That's it for me.....SEE YOU ON THE TRAILS!!! 


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