Hello, my name is Marianne and I wanted to introduce Dexter.

We adopted him from the Humane Society in Sept. 2005 as a 9 week old puppy. Boxer / Sheppard Cross . This guy was very smart right away, and knew to sit really quickly for a cookie. He still loves cookies and he loves going to the dog park especially if it involves getting wet. This is were he can truly be himself, and have fun, running with the other dogs and swimming! He prefers little doggies, and plays with them quite nicely. although an 80 pound dog charging for anyone's small dog must look frightening, once he gets close enough to do the butt up in the air, with his tail wiggling, there is no question of his intentions. His favorite game is to get chased for some odd reason. His best friend at home is a cat named 'Putz'. He probably would hate it if anyone knew this, but he sometimes looses wrestling matches with his 'little brother'. ( Although I'm sure he just lets Putz win). He must confuse some dogs at the park, when he smells like cat.


No matter how long we spend at the park the visits are never long enough!

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