Subject: Lobbying the City for more off-leash space/improvements

This comes from our friends at Kicona Park, they are planning a Dog Park Rally on Saturday September 26th at 11:00 am. People & their dogs will be meeting there and the media has been invited to attend ( CTV, Free Press, The Sun); as well, there may be some city councillors present. If any of your ( our ) users would like to attend, they are more than welcome. Hopefully, we can garner enough attention through the media to let the city know just how many dog-walkers there are using these off-leash areas thus forcing them to have a townhall meeting with the dog groups. We are also circulating a petition at Kilcona to gather names and let the city know how many people use the park and the frequency of visits. We just started circulating the petition yesterday; we were out for 3 hours and this a.m. I was out for one hour and so far we have gathered close to 150 signatures. We will be doing this all week up to the rally, and there will be a sign up sheet at the rally as well.

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