Ookpik passed away at my place. I last spoke to him and petted him at 0300 hrs by the front door inside mat.
Woke up at 0700hrs and he was gone, stretched out and cold on the mat.

It took a bit to package him up. He was a bugger to get out the front door and into the back of my truck.

I took him to the crematorium. And I have since picked his ashes up. 

His passing has been very tough on Kim.

Socrates and Sputnik, his step brothers are ok.  
Ookpik had a great life with Kim and his various step brothers and sisters over the 8 years we had with him.

The attached picture is of Ookpik and Socrates with Blue, the first time they met Blue in my backyard.  

Blue unfortunately did not survive a rabbit catching enterprise with Ookpik when the combines where harvesting the crops across the road from Kim's house. 

Blue had not taken the Work Safe program.