I received a return phone call today from the north area park technician. He has agreed to return the garbage bins to the trails if we empty them and bring them to the front. Once there are multiple bags to collect I put a call in, and he will send a guy to collect the bags and take them to the dump. As I said yesterday, it's a small group of men that have been emptying them for years, the only difference is that we are now responsible for taking them to the front, the City does not want the bags collecting at the bins and sitting there for a good chunk of the year.

I'm not quite sure what the plan is for getting the bags to the front, any suggestions would be great. Also, if you are willing to help out this Winter please message me, it doesn't have to be an every day thing but anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. I believe that the guys that have been doing it for so many years deserve a break! I'd also like to take the opportunity to say Thank You to Lloyd, Jim and Ron for doing this out of the goodness of their hearts for so many years. Thank you from all of us 

Keeping the park clean and free of dog waste is a never ending problem, but there is no reason for that. Just pick up after your dog/s. It's really very simple, your dog poops? Pick it up. I do however understand that there are times when people happen to genuinely miss it. If you get to talking to someone and have your back turned it's just that simple. I feel it's ok to politely tell the dog owner that their dog happened to do his/her business, point it out for them so they can go ahead and pick it up. I know I would appreciate being told. The other thing is, if you are picking up after your dog and there is another poop close to it, please pick it up. Even with my fairly big dogs there is always room for another one. If we all picked up one extra poop can you imagine what a difference it would make?

Now more than ever we need to be taking care of LMP. There is a real threat to our favorite dog park, and if there is nothing else we can do but to keep it clean and give ourselves a good name by doing so, I'd say it's worth any little effort. Let's make Little Mountain Park the cleanest dog park in the City! 


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