I had a long conversation with the North Area park technician, he is the one that we have been dealing with in regards to becoming park stewards. I might not have liked what he had to say, but he was still very willing to hear our concerns and willing to come up with a solution that satisfies both parties.

He was very aware that the garbages had been removed. I'm told the staff were directed to remove them because the resources are not there to maintain and empty them throughout the winter. This clearly is not acceptable, Little Mountain Park is a functioning park ALL year round. It's true that there are no City staff there beyond May-October, but that certainly doesn't mean that the park closes for the remainder of the year. Dog-parkers make up the vast majority of park users and have for a very long time, this is especially true in the winter months.

Though the City made efforts to irregularly empty the garbages the past couple of years, prior to that it was a small and dedicated group of dogparkers that were doing all the work to keep the park clean. These men emptied all the park garbages, they would empty the garbages and put the bags beside the garbages, once spring hit the City would come along and take the bags to the dump. I think that's a more than fair system, I don't think this happens at Assiniboine Park!

I can't tell you how many times I had to express how necessary it is that we have garbage cans. When I told him I was on my way to the park and had bins in my truck that I planned to disburse as a temporary solution, he strongly advised me not to go ahead with that, he stated that they would be taken away. My response? Fix it then!

After a long conversation I told him I needed a solution, I suggested that we continue to do what had been done for years, we empty them ourselves. My request was very simple, take the garbage bins out of the compound and put them back on the trails so that we can continue to be self-sufficient as a group. We are not making an unreasonable request, not at all! Give us garbage cans so we can keep the park clean, sounds like a pretty sweet deal for them, if you ask me!

By the end of the conversation I agreed to hold off on putting temporary bins out, if he would do his part to get the cans back on the trails. He does agree that we need a system and has agreed to come up with a plan, he asked for a day or two to sort things out. If I don't hear back from him tomorrow, I will call him back on Tuesday and will share the response with everyone.

If nothing else, I hope after all this we can work together to keep the park clean. Please, please, please clean up after your dogs, not doing so can really come back to bite us and I can't stress this enough, so please do your part!

If you have any concerns please send me a message through the fb page.



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