Hello Everyone

One month ago, Butch was enjoying long walk with me and meet many his new friends at the Little Mountain Park before his time to go. He had lymphosacoma cancer in his neck and so fast spread in his body. Vet told me that it would take about 2 or 3 months left but it is not only 1.5 weeks.
Sad News, My beloved Butch passed away yesterday afternoon. Finally, He went a special place reunite his mother Babe, sister Sweetie and his best friend Tig, now they run and playing together, no more suffering. He was telling me let me go and good bye, took him to the vet and shot sedative him when vet walked away. He was licking all over my face, means Thank you for taking care of me whole his years and give me comfort. I cried. I believe that God does have a special place for your pet to be cared for until you go to pick him up and cross the bridge together, never again to be seperated. I so miss him.
One day, I will go back to the park.
Thank you,

Charlene Arnold
March 27 2002 to November 19 2011