Bear enjoyed his last day at the park on Thursday, May 5th. We didn't walk too far that day because he was having a bit of trouble breathing. We thought it might be from something he ate or ingested, but when he didn't eat his supper, we made an appointment for the vet for Friday morning. He jumped into the car enthusiastically as ever, probably thinking we were on our way to the park. Our appointment was for 10 am. They performed some tests and took some x-rays, and discovered he had a large tumour in his throat. We were about to give the ok to put him to sleep, when he went to sleep on his own. He was very peaceful, and was not struggling or fighting.
He loved the park and his walks with his lifetime partner Sheba, and his newer pal Rocky. Bear would start to nag around 11 am every day if we had not already showed some signs toward heading out. We have been very fortunate to have known Bear all of his life, and to have shared in his unconditional love for the last 4 years of living with us. He has left us with wonderful memories.
Thanks to everyone at the park that helped make Bear's visits so enjoyable
Bob and Shane